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It is with deep respect for the people whose professions our bears represent that we offer this online bear store to you, in the hope that it will make life a little more "bearable." Since the introduction of Bear Forces of America at Robinson Barracks PX in Stuttgart, West Germany in the winter of 1987, BFA's have stepped into the spotlight all around the world.

For example, in the news coverage of Gen. Schwartzkopf at his Desert Storm welcome home victory celebration, he was seen receiving a BFA desert bear. Our Bears were featured in local news coverage across the land as the troops returned home. And remember Newsweek's coverage of the discovery of our BFA P.O.W.'s in Gen Noriega's underground bunker when he was captured?


25,000 BFA's made the airlift to Saudi Arabia to meet a half million of our American Forces. They rode in tanks across the burning desert, and flew in cockpits over the Persian Gulf. They slept next to thousands of children waiting for their moms and dads to return home.

Our first creation was our Special Forces bear - the "Green Bearet" - in 1987. Today, we have over 50 designs covering virtually all the uniformed services, and we continue to expand our design list to give recognition to an ever expanding service clientele.

We like being a part of the growing world of Teddy Bears. Collectors are now so numerous they have a magazine of their own called "Teddy Bear Review." There are more artists creating bears for adults than children. And there is even a "Golden Teddy" award given each year for best design.

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